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Vespa-10 assorted Stickers, GT, GTS, LX, ET, PX, GS, PK

OUR PRICE: £6.43
Suitable for bikes, cars, walls, doors, fridges laptops, or just about any smooth surface

X Large Vespa approx 21cm x 7cm x2
Large Vespa (italic) approx 11cm x 6cm x2
Medium Vespa (Italic) 8cm x 4cm x1
Small Vespa(Italic) approx 6cm x 2cm x2

Vespa approx 14cm x 3cm x3

Please Note There is no Background with these stickers, you will receive them separate, pre-cut, pre-spaced & on application tape ready to apply

They are Extremely Easy to apply, you will receive your stickers on backing paper with transfer tape on top, simply peel the sticker along with the sticky transfer tape away from the backing, place onto (clean & Dry) desired surface rub firmly over the stickers with a credit card or similar & peel the application tape slowly & smoothly away at a 45 degree angle
(detailed instructions will be included with stickers)